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Fish Classifieds UK is your one stop to buy and sell quality tropical fish as well as new aquatic equipment and foods!

Buy and sell easily!
Easy to buy and sell, simple layout and NO FEES!

Just contact as per advertisement instructions!

Fish Classifieds Uk is mainly for hobbyist breeders to sell their often hard earned spawns of tropical fish to other fish enthusiasts who want well bred fish at a price that’s right. 

Because we don’t charge for listings you should get better prices and we do insist on healthy fish… complaints will be taking seriously but thankfully  most ads are from hobbyist tropical and freshwater fish breeders with unexpected or hard earned spawns that they want to sell direct.

Don’t forget to look for the new aquatics goods like aquariums, heaters, food and air pumps from hobbyists and retail ads as well!

Have a spawn of freshwater fish and are reluctant to give to local aquatics shop but no room to keep them?
Discus or angel fry ready for selling?
Oscar’s getting too big for your tank?
Maybe you’ve bred your top showline betta and want a reasonable price for them?
List them all here for free!
Just register and log in to create your ad instantly.

For Sellers…
Advertisements are free (except for shop banner ads which cost only £6.50 a month with reductions for longer term ads).

Because we don’t charge for listings you can list more items and promote your angels, oscars, discus etc.  for competitive prices to the species specific buyers you are aiming for.